Margaret & Tom || Fox Point Wedding

"Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life."- John Muir

And this is where Margaret and Tom took the leap into the next stage of their life together, among the trees, as well as their family and friends. It was very important to Margaret and Tom to keep in the forefront their love of nature, and it was an easy choice to have their wedding at Fox Point in Newington (where Margaret grew up), a beautiful spot overlooking the Piscataqua River, with lots of wooded areas.

The couple were absolutely surrounded by love the whole day, with so much singing, lovely tributes to the couple by so many, and lots of cute little ones!

Wedding Ceremony and Reception: Fox Point, Newington, NH

I asked Margaret to answer a few questions about the wedding.

How did you meet your partner?

Tom and I first met because he was a friend of one of my sisters. Our paths crossed at various times while I was still in college and we were both always dating other people. One winter I was caretaking in an AMC hut and he came to visit for the night with my sister. She had to leave the following day but he stayed for another night and we spent the day together. We baked cookies and he taught me how to use an axe. That was the beginning.

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How did the day start?

For Margaret the day began with breakfast at her parents house with all her sisters and nephews. For Tom the day began with breakfast with his family at his parent's rental house. Then we all met at Fox Point to set up everything. It was A LOT of work and our families helped us set the tables and arrange everything. Then Margaret jumped off the dock into the bay for a quick swim before going back to her parent's house to have her hair done.

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We had to get some shots with Margaret and Tom's beloved dog!

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What were your goals for your wedding day?

Tom's answer: "Marrying you." :) But aside from that, one of the things we cared about the most was having all of the people we loved together in one place. We both have big families and lots of friends and were excited to bring all of them together to celebrate with us. We also envisioned being outside, in a place that was really special to us, and having a super fun party that reflected our values in terms of food choices and sustainability. We tried really hard to stick to that.

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So much singing throughout the ceremony, so much joy.

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From Margaret: I’m pretty sure I was shaking the whole time. It was sort of unbelievable to stand up in front of so many people and when I think about it now I kind of can’t believe I did it. But seeing Tom waiting for me was a really special moment. And I loved saying our vows. There was a lot of weight behind them and that was really powerful to feel.

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After the ceremony the couple wanted a few minutes alone out on the "point" of Fox Point to reflect on the day and enjoy each other's company as husband and wife before the photos began. It was pretty windy out there, but I'm glad I was able to capture a few photos of them out there, with the sun streaming in behind them.

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Margaret with her nephews - no nieces so far!

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So many amazing toasts!

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Group hug after an emotional toast from Margaret's dad.

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What is one suggestion you have for other couples who are planning their weddings?

Enjoy more! The planning is stressful, but it will all come together. Our wedding was particularly a lot of work because all the set-up was on us. We didn't just show up to a place. It was really fun to do it that way, but oh man, lots of work.

I would suggest slowing down and taking pauses through the planning, and during the actual event. A friend told me to take two mental photographs that day, one during the ceremony, and one during the reception. I am SO glad I did that because those moments are embedded in my mind. It forced me to slow down and take it all in. Bottom line: be mindful. Enjoy it.

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So much love at Margaret and Tom's wedding - some of their friends reprised a popular song for the couple and sang/played it for them.

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During the first dance I was nervous that everyone was watching us. But I also thought, “thank god we practiced dancing in our kitchen while washing dishes!” It was pretty magical to dance a rocking jig together publicly.

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It was incredible to see ourselves on that day, and all of the things that were going on around us. It’s really true when people say that your wedding goes by in a blur. The whole thing happened so fast that we are grateful to be able to look back and re-create the day in our minds. The photos capture some of the most magical moments that i don’t ever want to forget.

During the party, well it was super overwhelming to try and say hello to everyone but so incredible to have all our people together! It was wicked fun, good food, good music, and I loved the dancing.

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Tom and I had no idea what we were looking for in a photographer so that was challenging at first. But we didn't have any hesitations about you. We loved your photo journalistic style and the idea of telling a story with photos.

We loved working with you because it was easy! You were easy to talk to and plan with before the wedding, and on the day of you just did your thing and took some great photos! I had never really worked with a photographer before so it was a funny concept to have someone there just taking pictures of us. But you made me feel at ease and all went smoothly.

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Florist: Spring Hill Designs, VT

Cake: Old Village Bakery, North Conway, NH

Band/DJ: Jay Boucher

Caterer: Heritage Food Truck

Officiant: Chris Jablonski

Invitations: Elizabeth Graciano-Smith

Dress: Madeleine’s Daughter, Portsmouth, NH

Hair/Makeup: ­­­­­­­­­­­Alyssa Vachon, Inside Out, Dover, NH

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